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DCV & Associates is a Management Consulting firm that has been operating since 2005.  It was formed in Sierra Vista, Arizona by Daniel C. Valle, President & Principal Consultant of the firm, who is accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), which operates in 40 countries around the world with 5,000 Associates and is headquartered in Watford (London), England. 


DCV & Associates does not offer traditional consulting in the sense of the business consultant who walks in the door, conducts a business assessment over a period of a week or two, leaves behind a 3-inch binder with all the problems he/she discovered, gets paid big dollars, then leaves never to be heard from again.  We believe in the IIB motto "Practical Advice that Works!".


Our consulting model is to have a free initial consultation with the business owner, perform a preliminary informal assessment in this session and based on the results, find out if the owner wishes to receive assistance through the IIB Business Support Program (BSP) with no pressure or obligation to do so.  


Daniel also consults for non-profits as he served on a Board of Directors for a non-profit organizaton for over 5 years; 2 of which included serving as Chair of the organization.   

Our Local Consulting Team consists of:


Daniel C. Valle, AInstIB, President & Principal Consultant

Moniek James, Social Media Associate

Lynette Land, Accountant Associate

Ronald J. Newman, Attorney at Law, Corporate Attorney

Michael Chasse, Commercial Business Broker

Larry Kiley, General Construction Consultant

Lou Valle, MS, CIO and Program Manager Consultant

5,000 Institute for Independent Business (IIB) Associates in 40 countries around the world, 2000 of whom are from the United States.  These IIB Associates are experts in every area of business imaginable and in order to become accredited by the IIB, must have served in Senior Executive positions.  Many come from Fortune 500 companies, where they served as Presidents, CEOs, and others who have served in Senior Executive positions around the world.






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