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A few words about the IIB Business Support Programme™


Daniel C. Valle is an Accredited Associate of the Institute for Independent Business 


The Institute for Independent Business (IIB) is a research, training and accreditation organisation. It is the largest organisation of its type in the world, having accredited thousands of senior executives (over 5,000 worldwide in 40 countries and over 2,000 in the United States, all of whom are highly experienced and mature business men and women, with high level executive business experience.


Some have been managing directors, executive directors and chairmen of some of the best-known national and multi-national companies in the world. Many have experienced the unique difficulties and the loneliness of being the Managing Director/Owner (MDO) of an independent business.


Each Associate accredited by the Institute agrees to give some free time each month to independent businesses. They meet with MDOs to discuss their businesses with them and examine opportunities or concerns they may have, give guidance and source advice and help as may be needed. If it is determined that the IIB Associate can assist the MDO and their business, a Business Support Programme agreement is negotiated between them.  


Questions on finance, including cash flow, credit control, raising extra working capital, and the possibility of alternative banking are often raised, as are questions on sales and marketing, export, manufacturing, health and safety issues, and all other all other aspects of business and profitability.


The great strength of the IIB Business Support Programme™ is in addressing the problem of company directors and owners not having anywhere to turn for some independent, unbiased advice and just a chat with someone who has “been there - seen it - done it” and survived to tell the tale.


To learn more about the IIB, please go to www.iib.ws.



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