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Biographical Sketch


 President & Principal Consultant


High energy, results-oriented, creative and self-motivated senior executive, experienced CEO, and internationally accredited business consultant  who has operated his own general business consulting practice over the last seven  years. Mentored and assisted business  owners in all facets of their businesses including turn around; increased  profitability and cost reduction; exit strategy; sale of business; financing;  conflict resolution between multiple owners; legal issues; human resources;  contracting; administration; facility management; and startup/new  businesses, Served for over 17 years as an Army Installation’s Director of Community Activities; Director of Morale, Welfare and Recreation//Commanding General’s business advisor;  Director of Plans, Training & Mobilization, and Director of Human Resources  with extensive experience managing large organizations and annual multi-million  dollar appropriated (taxpayer dollars) and non-appropriated (NAF real dollars)  budgets ($20mm+). Comprehensive knowledge in developing and managing process  improvement action plans to improve internal organizations such as human  resources; parks & recreation; food and beverage; hospitality; community  services; marketing; and lodging, resulting in yearly cost savings, improved profit  and loss activities and increased profitability.Extensive project management and business development  experience in many areas.




● Program/Project Management                 ● Turn Around Strategy                  Hospitality/Hotel Management

● CEO                                                         ● Strategic Planning                        Organizational Effectiveness

● Human Resource Management               ● Marketing/Sales Management    ● Cost Management       

● Business Development                            ● Business Assessment                 ● Profit/Loss Management

● Exit Strategy                                            ● Financial Management                ● Event Management




General Business Consultant: Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB), a worldwide accreditation and education non-profit organization headquartered in Watford (London), England whose mission it is to help small and medium businesses succeed in 38 countries with over 5,000 Associates who establish their own consulting firms. Upon accreditation, established my own consulting firm and immediately secured contracts with 8 clients. RESULT: Simultaneously served as many as 12 clients in Sierra Vista, Tucson, Phoenix, and Mexico. Conducted monthly seminars in Tucson, Phoenix, Denver, and El Paso to recruit senior executives (many of  hom served as Presidents, Vice Presidents, and CEO/CFOs in Fortune 500 companies) to become IIB Associates and assist small and medium business owners in a three-state area and a foreign country. Was asked in 2006 by the IIB to help them expand into Mexico and successfully recruited four IIB Associates, then trained the senior IIB Associate in that country to take over the operation which he successfully accomplished in December of 2007. Assisted a landscaping company to grow from $350,000 in annual revenues to $1.3 mm in revenues in 2 years. Turned a full-service car wash from a $96,000 annual loss to profitability in 9 months and in 2010 had increased sales by 25% over 2008 and 2009 while in a recession. Secured a $1.2 mm contract shuttle and taxi contract for a client with the U.S. Army, Fort Huachuca, and a  $600,000 taxi and shuttle contract at Davis-Monthan AFB, for this client as well. Acquired a $1mm annual contract with Pima County for a roofing contractor client in Tucson. Assisted two clients (one in Colorado and the other in Utah) prepare and submit executive summaries and business plans for project/startup company funding to an international private trust fund in the amount of $210mm for one, and $263mm for the other that were approved for final submission and approval by a blind trust. Secured $400,000 in startup funding for a plastic surgeon’s practice in Scottsdale who successfully passed his Board examination a few months later. Assisted a tactical tracking private school go the next level by occupying a state-of-the-art new facility that included corporate offices and a training center. Managed the design a modern and current website with a back office that helped the company operate in the 21st Century. Conducted a comprehensive overall assessment of company and designed and implemented major operating systems to include management, financial, internal controls, training, administration, planning, and evaluation.



People/Program/Project Management:

Executed missions of Directorate of Community Activities/Human Resources/Morale, Welfare and Recreation. As Director, served as principal advisor to Commanding General, US Army Intelligence Center & Fort Huachuca on all matters concerning human resources for both military and civilian personnel, morale, welfare and recreation; community services; child and youth services; drug and alcohol prevention, education, libraries, and Army Lodging (hotel). RESULT: Consistent, successful management of an organization with over 500 employees, 42 separate activities and facilities, and budgets of $20mm+ both in U.S. and overseas (Panama & Honduras) Army Installations.


Event Management:

Produced and hosted outdoor concerts and air shows including: national level concert with current top name performers such as Doobie Brothers; Foreigner; REO Speedwagon; Merle Haggard; Commodores; TRAIN; Lonestar; Sugar Ray; Uncle Kracker; Alabama; Martina McBride; STYX; Earth, Wind, and Fire; and Jeff Foxworthy, among others and two Air Shows with headliners: The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds and attendance of between and 5,000 to 20,000 for each event. Hosted major and prestigious military competitions including the Counseil Internationale du Sport Militaire (CISM) for World Military Boxing Championships at Fort Huachuca for U.S. and 20 other participating countries. RESULT:   Well-received, well-attended, highly profitable, and well organized, extremely complex events.


Hospitality/Hotel/Child Care/Recreation Management:

Managed multiple facilities including golf courses; bowling centers; auto shops; Officer/NCO Clubs and restaurants; RV Park; night clubs; formal dining and catering facility; child care facilities; gymnasiums and sports parks; and 300-room military hotel. RESULT: Planned, acquired funding for, and supervised new construction and/or major renovations of numerous multi-million dollar projects and produced revenues of over $10 million annually.


Human Resources Management:

Directed civilian and military personnel, as Director of Human Resources, of Army installation, two-star general officer command. Managed all recruitment; placement; assignments; classification; employee and labor relations; training/development; performance management; and relocation. In addition, as Human Resource Development Officer of a worldwide Major Army Command, headed by a three-star general, developed training programs for civilian and military personnel with emphasis for engineers/scientists and information technology/management personnel. RESULT: Principal action officer in Army selecting Fort Huachuca as the Western Region Civilian  Personnel Operations  Center for consolidation of personnel functions from 14 western installations.


Military Planning, Training & Mobilization:

Directed an Army Installation’s critical directorate as the Director of Plans, Training & Mobilization with responsibility for the 24-hour Emergency Operations Center (EOC); planning and scheduling of all military changes of command and other military parades; planning and scheduling of Army Reserve and National Training annual training; performing initial mobilization station functions for all Army Reserve and National Units assigned in the Installation’s sector. Also responsible for all range operations and management including scheduling of units on ranges. Also responsible for Fort Huachuca’s Audio Visual and Training Devices Division. RESULT: Executed all missions flawlessly including changes of command ranging from Battalion Commanders to Installation Commanders (2 Star Command). The EOC operated smoothly handling all emergency situations with no major problems or deficiencies.      


Team Building – Strategic Planning – Organizational Effectiveness – Cost Management:

Analyzed internal organizations, through use of systems analysis, developed strategic business plans to streamline, improve efficiency, cost effectiveness and profitability of entire organization.   RESULT: No less than 2% cost savings per year and 37% profitability increase for business (P&L) activities within the directorate.


Community Support/Volunteer Activities – Served as Chair of the Board of Director for the Southeastern Arizona Consumer Run Services (SEACRS), a non-profit organization that serves people with mental disabilities and disorders. Have served on the Board for over six years (two as Board Chair) in a voluntary capacity. RESULT: Took SEACRS from a laid-back, non-progressive organization to a dynamic organization that doubled in size and budget (from $475,000 to $960,000); serving a 4-county area in Southeast Arizona. Serve on the Board of Directors of the Sierra Vista Education Foundation, a fund-raising organization whose mission is to augment funding for the Sierra Vista School District.



College Major in Business Administration

Various supervisory, management, HR, EEO and executive development courses

Retired Field Grade Officer, US Army - various Armor Officer and Command/Leadership Courses

Fluent in English and Spanish




Tucson and Affliliates Hispanic Chamber of Commerce & Arizona Chamber of Commerce & Industry 

The Military Officers Association of America – International 
Listed in International Who’s Who of Professional Management for 2001/2002

Accredited by the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) ,Watford (London), UK since 2005  


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