Current Projects

DCV & Associates is currenting assisting companies in the following areas:

  • Secured Engagement Agreement from NY Investment Firm in amount of $400 million (USD) to execute two important projects over the next 2-5 years:

            - $400 million to establish a new rail port of entry in Southest Arizona to transport containers, minerals,

              agricultural products, cattle, and other products between Mexico, U.S., and Asia

            - This initiative will create a new Arizona-Sonora Freight Raiload Trade Corridor that will be invaluable for

              trade between North America and countries in the Pacific Region/Pacific Rim areas.

            - In partnership with a maritime operations company that will build a mega container port in Sonora and will

              utilize our new Freight Railroad Trade Corridor to transport the containers and other cargo between North

              America and Pacific Region/Pacific Rim countries.  

  • Developed a business plan, incorporated, secured an EIN, and helped startup an IT company in 5 weeks. Company began getting service calls and servicing customers immediately. The business plan calls for the company to post a net profit after taxes of $174,000 by Year 5. 




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